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Windows 8 PRO ISO x86 x64 Free Download

Windows 8 PRO ISO x86 x64 Free Download

Download the latest version of Windows 8 PRO x86/x64 ISO with just one click, without registration. It comes with a safe official offline installer for Windows 8 PRO.

Windows 8 PRO ISO x86 x64 Free Download

Overview and Screenshots

Windows 8 was intended to be a follow-up to the highly successful Windows 7, but this Microsoft creation was met with not so favorable reviews. However, it did bring something new to the Windows line.

Windows 8 PRO ISO Start

The first thing you notice when checking out Windows 8 is the increased focus on optimizing the operating system for touchscreen devices like tablets and phones and cloud computing. The interface was optimized and changed significantly to be universal both for touchscreens and traditional devices. You can run the programs in full screen or select to swipe and move windows to the side. The interface also incorporates a taskbar that can be accessed from any app or the desktop by sliding from the right edge of a touchscreen. It even has a built-in Windows Store similar to Google Play of Apple Store. This is due to the strategy of making Windows more modern and similar to interactive suite recent popular systems such as Android have become. 

Start Menu has been reworked even more than before. It is now called called Start screen, which resembles the home screen of Windows Phone. It serves as the primary method of launching applications and consists of a grid of app tiles which can be arranged into columnar groups. These changes give the system a new look highly contrasting to the previous Windows, which at the start makes you confused whether it's really even a Microsoft product.

Windows 8 includes such default applications as Mail (an email client), People (a contact manager), Messaging (an IM client), Calendar, Photos, Music, Video, Camera (a webcam or digital camera client), SkyDrive, Reader for e-books, as well as Bing-exposing servicess (Search, News, Finance, Weather, Travel and Sports).

Windows 8 PRO ISO Menu

Unfortunately, Windows 8 received a lot of criticism for its inferior stability, speed and easiness to use when compared to Windows 7. However, it is still a highly functional and advanced operating system well worth using.

Key Features

  • Best OS line in the world.
  • New start screen design.
  • Touch-screen compatibility.
  • New features such as Windows Store.


  • Software full name: Microsoft Windows 8
  • Developer: Microsoft Inc.
  • License type: Free
  • Setup filename: windows_8_x86.iso / windows_8_x64.iso
  • File size: 2,6 GB / 3,6 GB
  • Type: Full standalone setup / Offline installer
  • Limits: None

Windows 8 PRO ISO x86 x64 Free Download

All downloads were checked for viruses and are completely safe.

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  • Amber Khan 12 days ago
    I really like your post with boost of information, but I have Windows 8.1 professional product key, purchased from ODosta Store I just installed windows 8.1 professional at my laptop, but not know how to activate using the key code. Can I upgrade it to Windows 10 to get more features. Thanks in advance.
    0 |  Reply
  • GetPCSoft Support Team 10 days ago
    Hello! Please contact the actual developer of the program to clarify the issue.
    0 | 
  • prabhu Last month
    Is it with all language packs? I need the german version.
    0 |  Reply
  • Guest Last month
    Yes, the German version is included.
    0 | 
  • prabhu 2 months ago
    I downloaded win 8 pro from this website. Before installing win 8, it says to use a different activation key. Can't install please help.
    0 |  Reply
  • prabhu 2 months ago
    Is it a bootable ISO?
    +1 |  Reply
  • HOTSTEPPA 8 months ago
    Is this reall FREE..no activation key etc?
    -4 |  Reply
  • Guru 8 months ago
    Windows 8 ISO is free, but you still need to activate it for using on a legal basis.
    -6 | 
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